Moongate gets off to a frosty start…

How about a floral moongate down by the jetty? Great idea, we thought…

All the rage, the fabulous floral wheels reflect the rings exchanged during the marriage ceremony as well as being an utterly beautiful backdrop for those all important wedding photos.

The lovely wedding planners, Alex and Kayleigh, at Le Talbooth, on the banks of the Stour at Dedham, in the heart of Constable country, were delighted when we suggested making one for their wedding show a few weeks back and thought it would look perfect down by the water – with the beautiful marquee in the background.

They, of course, didn’t have to be down by the river at the stunning Essex wedding venue at the crack of dawn on rather a frosty spring morning.

Yes the gardens looked gorgeous bursting into life, the lawns were beautifully striped – if rather white – and the birds were building to a wonderful crescendo of song.

But my goodness it was cold down there for the pair of us – the Tudor Rose Florist stalwarts – busy while everyone else was sipping their morning coffee and tucking into bacon sarnies (writing this sentence after porridge for breakfast was a serous mistake!).

All, however, was worth the early start and the freezing hands and reaction to the latest in floristry fashions was wonderful (as was the coffee!).

Have a look through the gallery of the beautiful moongate – packed with gorgeous plump headed Meije roses and finished with some stunning burgundy ranunculus which make the whole thing come alive – and take a look at the time lapse of Danny working his magic (you can also spot me…clearing up!!).

For more information about the moongate do drop us an email or call the shop in Bury St Edmunds in the heart of Suffolk.