Mistletoe and wine

So we have finally given in to popular demand.
After a break of several years and an onslaught of gentle pressure from our lovely customers we have succumbed.
The famous Tudor Rose Florist Christmas tree is back.
The Narnia-like creation of old tree stumps, bark and contorted hazel has “grown” in a slightly different location this year – near the door of our boutique shop in Hatter Street, Bury St Edmunds, but the usual hallmarks are all there.
Our talented colleague Jess Ashurst created the natural woodland feel with gnarled wood, moss and findings from the forest floor – and the twisted branches reach up as high as they can go and spread out across the ceiling.
Fairy lights and some ingenious backlighting lend some wonderfully atmospheric shadows and the twisted boughs have been laden with beautiful Christmas decorations from gilded baubles to stars, glass snowflakes, stained glass and, of course, cloth elephants and camels.
Ok, I get the camels – wise men etc – but elephants…really?? Naturally enough they’re rapidly becoming our best seller.
The woodland wonder, alongside our gorgeous window displays, has been designed to draw people into the shop where our tables are laid out with Christmas delights and our flower stand stocked with beautiful gift bouquets.
We really hope the return of the Tudor Rose tree goes down a storm – we think it looks as magical as ever.


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