Christmas transformation

Ok, so its the first week of November – the leaves are still clinging to the trees in all their autumnal splendour, but at Tudor Rose the “C” word has reared its head…Christmas.

But it’s not ugly – it’s gloriously gold, silver and bronze…with added glitter and glitz.
Yes, Christmas has taken hold in a seriously big way! Our main festive delivery – bought back in January – turned up on Thursday morning and with five towering pallets lined up against the windows of our beautiful Bury St Edmunds flower shop was almost hidden – a boutique florists shrouded by massive piles of cardboard boxes.
But as the delights within the crates emerged, we began to remember our buying trip to Holland and the glorious decorations we ordered.
Now the really hard work starts – we’re beginning the mammoth task of transforming our shop – which for most of the year is a beautiful florists full of fresh flowers and sumptuous gift bouquets – into an amazing fairyland of Christmas fabulousness.
Among the tantalising gifts are giant bronzymoose heads, wooden Christmas trees glistening with shimmering gold sparkles and outrageous pinecone bowls.
And for fans of our breathtaking trees – we’re planning another this year after a few Christmases without.
We’ll keep you posted with our progress…if we ever emerge from the piles of wood, willow, hazel, bark and moss which have started to engulf the shop!


boxes-of-christmas-stock-tudor-rose-florist-bury-st-edmunds   windows-being-cleared-for-christmas-display-tudor-rose-florist-bury-st-edmunds    tree-construction-christmas-display-tudor-rose-florist tables-being-designed-large-pine-cone-vases-bury-st-edmunds-tudor-rose-florist