Blossom show stoppers


If ever there were two florists less moved by the exotic delights of lilies, the mathematical petal patterns of colourful gerbera and the sharp, dramatic lines of strelitzia, it is our own Jess and Danni.
So it came as no surprise when given the job of decorating the banqueting hall at one of the country’s leading wedding venues for it’s spring open day, they chose an installation of billowing blossom trees to frame the aisle.
Tudor Rose, based in Bury St Edmunds, has been the only florist nearby Hengrave Hall recommends to its couples since it opened several years ago, and we take great pride in the displays we dream up for the open days held there.
For the floor to be covered in debris and us to be still up step ladders when couples start arriving isn’t an option – basically, it has to be right and it has to be on time. The mantra of the professional wedding florists the world over.
So, good as they are, Danni and Jess’s scheme was under serious scrutiny from the start.
They came up with an action plan, costings and timings. Trunks of silver birch were set in concrete and the less than attractive plastic tubs used to hold the base together were covered in moss.
The rest, they assured us, would be plain sailing and knocking up tops of gloriously wild blossom a job of only an hour.
Well, seasoned old hands at the other end of the age scale weren’t so sure and insisted on a dummy run. Arching branches of blackthorn, cherry and plum blossom were brought in from our gardens and some ageing spring flowers were used to test the theory.
To the delight of passers by, the mock up was constructed on the pavement outside our boutique-style shop in Hatter Street, Bury.
And sure enough, the more experienced wedding florists at Tudor Rose were right. It took quite a while to get the look and some serious reworking of the mechanics to achieve the desired effect – proving the benefits of serious planning.
A wedding the day before meant that the basic structures has to be stored in the grounds overnight, but Jess got everything there and the necessary greenery in place the evening before. Buckets of blossom were also stored nearby and the flowers transported early on the day.
Sack barrows, a bit of ageing muscle and only minor strained sinews ensured the silver birch trunks were in place in good time and the two eager, nature loving florists were up the ladders like rats up drainpipes.
Seventh heaven notwithstanding, they set their timers and got to work. And in what seemed like no time, a pair of stunning, billowing blossom trees took shape in front of the dramatic minstrel’s gallery at Hengrave. And the dark wooden panelling showed off the delicate and dreamy creations to breathtaking effect.
This pair of florists, who adore this style, proved just what can be achieved in a strict timescale – albeit with some quite rigorous planning.
Three cheers for Danni and Jess – now back to those gerbera bouquets….



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